Wednesday, 3 September 2008

And off we go..

I know you can do this, just give it a go! 



Mollie Hance said...

Dear Sue,

You are so far ahead of Ray and me (Mollie). We have analysed a few clues from the Guardian (outside the pale) but have had a busy week and have not taken as much time as usual wasting time in the most pleasurable way possible. We read the blog with great interest but I don't think we shall make anyone tremble before our achievements. Keep going it was a great weekend.


Sue said...

It was good to hear from you! Just learning how to do any of this is a great sense of achievement for me. I was very ill earlier this year and the crossword course was a part of my recovery plan to get my head working again. I'm still having rotten word-finding difficulties so crosswords is a way of stretching the grey cells. I STILL can't do The Week crossword......
Hope you get a chance to try it soon and then you can tell me the answers!


linda said...

This is a bit beyond my limited computer skills I think but this looks promising! I bought a book of Telegraph crosswords and can do a few clues. The rest I look at the answers and try and work out how they relate to the clue - and sometimes I can.

Peta said...

Sorry to be late joining but have been on holiday. Have been doing my Puzzler cryptic crosswords and have even managed to finish a couple so my tail is well up! Of course, they are not as fiendish as Tim's crosswords but hey! You have to start somewhere!

Are we all going to try to do the same crossword? How do you see this working?


The Caked Crusader said...

I personally find blogging a lot easier than solving cryptic crosswords but wish you much luck in both noble quests!